The November 14, 2018, Open Season chat with GEHA’s medical and dental experts has concluded. The transcript is available below and will remain online for several weeks.

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Burke, Virginia (GEHA High Option): Does GEHA participate in the Silver Sneakers plan?

Winston-Salem, North Carolina (GEHA Standard Option): Am I covered to receive the new Shingrix vaccination under the Standard Option even if I had the old shingles vaccination two years ago?

San Antonio , Texas (GEHA High Option): I am a retired Federal employee and have had GEHA High Option for many years. Why doesn’t it cover my diabetic supplies such as my test strips and needles for my tester?

El Paso, Texas (GEHA Standard Option, Connection Dental Plus): We are building a 6-month survival kit. How can we get the medicines we need to store away for an emergency? We realize we would need to rotate them with our newer prescriptions to keep them fresh.

San Antonio, Texas (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): Am i responsible for charges that the dentist charges over the negotiated price?

Columbia, South Carolina (GEHA Standard Option): Does the medical plan cover anything toward wisdom tooth extraction? Thank you!!

Budd Lake, New Jersey (GEHA Standard Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) Standard): What is the frequency at which I can order CPAP supplies? Also, am I covered for a second CPAP machine for travel purposes?

Washington, District of Columbia I am a biology researcher and have recently come from Japan to the US to take my current job in NIH. I have joined one of your health insurance plans, but I do not even know the name of the plan I chose. I recently have a problem in my left ear and would like to see a doctor. However I do not know how I can find an ear-nose doctor or a general practitioner who is close to where I live. Please help!

Barrigada, Guam (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): What has GEHA done to recruit in-network providers on Guam, and do you have any providers currently that are in network?

Clermont, Florida I am a retired federal employee that has placed my GEHA medical plan on suspension in case it may be needed in the future. However, I would like to know more about your dental plan for both myself and my spouse. Is this a possibility? I am just interested in the dental plan because I am still obligated to Medicare for now.

Savannah, Georgia (GEHA High Option): Will payment be taken out of my retirement monthly pay or allotment?

Las Cruces, New Mexico (GEHA High Option): When I do a search for doctors on the GEHA website, are all doctors listed covered by GEHA?

Shreveport, Louisiana (GEHA Standard Option): Is a CAT scan covered with the GEHA medical plan I have?

Salem, Virginia (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): If a peridondist office does not submit a  claim for a dental procedure (to remove a broken bridge) to the primary insurance because they checked before the procedure was done and found that no benefit would be paid, this causes the patient to be unable to file for a claim with the secondary dental insurance. How long does the insurer have to file the claim once the primary forces the secondary dental to submit the claim? If the claim was for a procedure done in 2016? Thank you.

Clinton, Maryland (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): Does GEHA pay a percentage for dental implants? If so, how much?

Fresno, California (GEHA Standard Option): If I have an emergency ER visit, say with a heart attack, I see that it says 15% for an ER visit, can you explain what will be charged in that 15%?

Monterey, California (Connection Dental Plus): Does this plan cover braces for kids and at what percentage? Thank you.

New Castle, Indiana (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) Standard): My dentist is not listed as a preferred provider for GEHA, yet GEHA pays some of my expenses. Would GEHA pay more if my dentist were in network? If so how much more?

Bethesda, Maryland (GEHA Standard Option): Does GEHA cover the cost of the new (two-part) Shingles Vaccines for members who have Medicare parts A and B? Does it matter where the shots are given, for example a drugstore or supermarket pharmacy?

Tucson, Arizona (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): My question is quite simple. I am more than pleased with your coverage. If I wish to continue with my same coverage, what if anything do I need to do during Open Season.

Wilsonville , Oregon (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): Hi, I need to add my daughter to my dental insurance -- I have the High Option. How do I do this? Thanks!

Columbia, South Carolina (GEHA High Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): If a crown fails within a year and the dentist wants to replace it, why want they honor the claim for 5 years?

Sheridan, Wyoming (GEHA HDHP Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) Standard): Is it true that my father could get a reduction on the cost of his hearing aids through my insurance plan?

Rifle, Colorado (GEHA Standard Option): How do you enroll?

Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania (GEHA Standard Option): Can this also be used as my Medicare supplement when I turn 65?

El Mirage, Arizona (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): I have had the High Option dental plan since 2011 and never had to reapply. Why do I have to now? Or, do I have to resubmit for the same plan?

Silverdale, Washington (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): I currently have the standard option for FEDVIP. I plan on going to high option for Self plus One during open season. Is there a waiting period for new work to be done or pre-existing conditions? (other than orthodontics)

Houston, Texas (GEHA Standard Option): I am a retired federal employee and enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. I am looking for a secondary plan in FEHB. How will GEHA work with my primary Medicare Advantage Plan?

Columbus, Ohio (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): I wanted to ask about enhanced dental cleaning options?

Danville, Illinois (GEHA Standard Option): Will the insurance pay for a 3D mammography?

Victorville, California (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): Can I receive a copy of GEHA's dental fee schedule?

Greensboro, North Carolina (Connection Dental Plus, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): I actually have another insurance however looking to different alternatives. Does it cover Insulin Humalog and how much the deductible? Thank you.

Los Angeles, California (GEHA High Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): I have a 22-year-old son who was under my plan. He was taken out once he turned 22. Shouldn’t he still be covered if he is a full-time student?

Jonesboro, Georgia When does Open Season start and end?

Henrico, North Carolina (GEHA Standard Option): I have traditional Medicare A&B. What advantage, if any, would there be to subscribe to GEHA High Option instead of GEHA Standard Option?

Cloquet, Minnesota (GEHA High Option): How and where can I purchase my cariPRO ultrasonic toothbrush at a discounted price?

Upper Marlboro, Maryland (GEHA High Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): Are chiropractic services covered?

Chesapeake, Virginia (GEHA HDHP Option): I currently have a flexible spending account with funds that may not be used by end of the term, and I am planning to switch to the HDHP with HSA. Can I get the extra funds in the FSA transferred into the HSA?

Washington, District of Columbia (GEHA High Option): Are my cleanings still free if we use a dentist that is under your plan?

Snohomish, Washington (GEHA Standard Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) Standard): Is there a dental plan that provides us more coverage than what we currently have?

Vienna, Virginia (GEHA HDHP Option): I am just confirming that my HDHP plan includes dental and vision?  Thanks.

Westwego, Louisiana (GEHA High Option): Does GEHA cover all or a portion of any health club membership fees? If so do these have to be in-network entities?

Kansas City, Kansas (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) Standard): I currently have the GEHA Dental Standard Option, but I am changing over to the High Option during Open Season. I am currently under Orthodontic care and my benefit is $2,500. I called and spoke to one of your GEHA representatives in October and was told my benefit would increase to $3,500 when I switch to High Option. Is this correct?

East Wenatchee, Washington (GEHA Standard Option): Why are our medical High Option Self and Family premiums for 2019 so much higher than last year?

Bayshore, New York (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): When you say $35,000 max per year, how does that work?

Prescott, Arizona (GEHA Standard Option): Do I need to re-enroll, submit paperwork or do anything if I want to remain with GEHA and the same plan for 2019?

Palm City, Florida (GEHA Standard Option): Do you or will you have an app to virtually talk to a doctor or nurse to avoid an office visit for a minor issue?

Haslet, Texas (GEHA HDHP Option): Can you have a HDHP plan with Medicare Part B?

Venice, Florida (GEHA High Option): I have a Standard Option medical plan, but want a High Option dental plan. Is that possible?

Wenatchee, Washington (GEHA High Option): I travel full-time and rarely stay in one place longer than a few months. Will this plan cover me in all 50 states and overseas?

Havelock, North Carolina (GEHA High Option): When can I change from the Self and Family plan to Self Plus One?

Manitowoc, Wisconsin (GEHA Standard Option): Does the dental plan cover pre-existing conditions?

Idaho Falls , Idaho (GEHA Standard Option): If I have Medicare A and B, will GEHA Standard Option be enough?

Brighton, Colorado (Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): We moved from Golden, CO, to Brighton, CO, and need to find a PPO dentist in this area. Can you send us a list of dentists in this area or tell us where to look on your website?

San Diego, California (GEHA HDHP Option): I currently have the GEHA HDHP plan. I have not been to the doctor so I don't know how much my doctor charge me. I am thinking of switching to GEHA's Standard Option plan so that I will have a set co-pay when I go to the doctor. What is your recommendation?

Atlanta, Georgia How long does it take to switch over to a GEHA plan from another carrier?

Estelline, South Dakota (GEHA Standard Option): What will my premium be each month for 2019? I think I have GEHA's Standard Option medical plan.

Hampton, Virginia (GEHA High Option, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): Can you please explain GEHA's medical coverage for 2019?

Wrightsville, Georgia (GEHA Standard Option): Do I have to use a CVS pharmacy when ordering prescription medicine?

Haslet, Texas (GEHA HDHP Option): I am retired but not eligible for Medicare.   My husband has Medicare Part A only. Are we eligible for the HDHP option?

Yukon, Oklahoma (GEHA High Option): I currently have a TRICARE Retiree Dental Program detnal plan that I understand I'll lose at the end of the year. My dental office and I have decided to take GEHA's High Option dental plan. How do I sign up for this option?

laguna woods, California Is there a plan available that pays for Repatha?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (GEHA High Option): What percentage do you pay toward a crown?

Fort Worth, Texas (GEHA High Option, Connection Dental Plus, Connection Dental Federal (FEDVIP) High): My wife and I are now on Medicare Parts A&B. I have High Option Self Plus One coverage. I am having to take a costly specialty medication. I want to know how changing to GEHA Standard Option would effect the cost (coverage) of my prescription drugs?